An Honest Review of IFAssistant

I’m not sure how you got a value rating of 2/5, but I think it deserves more than that. Speed callouts, altitude fixes, and warning callouts(!) are just some of the things that help so much. I’ve been saved from violations a few times by the warning callouts. I’d give the value a 5/5.


Speak for yourself. Pay double or triple? So essentially paying for a years worth of global for software that more or less monitors IF for set button presses and altitudes?

I’m all for supporting the developer but I would think around $10 is what this software should cost with everything included. I really don’t like paying to download something, then to find out I have to pay 3 times the equal cost of the original app.

I play IF a good amount, and there are times I wish for a more immersive experience. But for something that should be a impulse purchase to most, I can’t spend $5+$5+$5+$5=$20. It feels like a bit of a squeeze even though you are trying to offer services a la cart.

Maybe i’m just catching this software in its early days. But I can’t pay $10 or $15 and still have features missing for a program that is so niche.

It definitely is a bummer that there was such a misunderstanding! Really want to avoid this as much as is possible from my part.

I’d sincerely appreciate to hear what else I can do other than mention it in the main thread here on the IFC, in the app description in the store, and in the promo video that there are in-apps for additional functionality such as GPWS and Passenger Announcements? Any ideas?

Do you owned a car ?

I think the overall lookout of in-app purchases are negative. First, if the app is free with limited features, In-App purchases work fine because you at least get a feel for what the app is about and if you don’t like it you just move on without a loss.

All I’m saying is maybe most people would pay the $20 but are not a fan of going and doing “payments” or “3 easy payments of $5 for unlock the full deal”. Most of us get it. It’s $20. Thats for who ever to feel if it’s worth it for them. But say I pay the $5 for the app and decide I don’t like it. You have my $5 and I feel lost out.
Ok, I pay a monthly amount for a full fledge product, I get to see exactly what the app has to offer and if I don’t like it, I don’t use it next month. If I do enjoy it for say a year, you get more money out of me from that year than you would have had if I paid once for it (or the 4 times it is).

Multiple In-App purchases just ruin things for me, and I feel a lot of people. Pay this to unlock this, pay this to unlock that. We would rather pay once, a realistic price, for an app and feel like we don’t have to pay again to unlock features. If a subscription model works better of say, $5 a month, then most of the community is familiar with how such a model helps the developers continue developing the app.

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I bought IF Assistant and slowly added all the extra features several months ago and find that it truly brings IF to life. I have used it for every flight since. So in my opinion I think it is incredibly worthwhile if you want to add extra layers of realism. I also personally appreciate that I can purchase additional features in the app, giving users more financial flexibility. It is shown clearly in the app store that there are in-app purchases so this shouldn’t catch anyone off guard, especially since they are one-time purchases.

If there is one thing I wish IFAssistant could add, is the boarding music and safety video of the airlines in the sim. Would be legendary, but there are other ways for users to do this.

Overall, IFAssistant is a great app that with the correct settings adds great value and realism to the flight experience in IF.


I disagree. Having the added cost features on top of the initial features, makes IFA a flexible purchase for many. Maybe users only want some features and can live without the others? Why make them pay more for features they don’t care to have?

The cost of the add-ons, and what they include, are nicely stated for IFA in the Apple App Store. Far too many other apps these days don’t even tell you what you get for extra costs, which is beyond frustrating.

People will always argue over expenses of apps. Personally, I think the IFA expense is a fair price, as compared with other 3rd party costs for similar games such as X-Plane. You can always save up and purchase an add-on at a time, if it’s not fully within your budget. At least IFA isn’t an app that charges for a subscription, without using a dedicated server for its application. More and more apps do that these days, and it’s so scammy.


I humbly disagree. Subscriptions are the way forward instead of high upfront prices. If we are talking about supporting the developer. $20 for a application that is an extension for Infinite Flight is a bit tight.

@TRDubh Thanks for the review! Hope to one day try IFA!

I’ve had the app for a few months now. Started off with he basic package which on its own saved me many overspeed violations and then I bought the other add ons. It really is a great app along with the Operations app I use both on nearly every flight.
Just a quick question tho I have all the add-ons except the passenger announcements but I can’t see the Nav part where you can program the step climbs. It’s it because I’m on Android?

I think this should start during engine start

I don’t think infinite flight needs add ons, I think it’s good enough without them and I don’t really want to spend any more money than infinite flight pro

I agree with what you said about the safety briefing. But I do half-disagree with you when you say that IF doesn’t need add-ons. I think add-ons are a nice option so you can purchase what features you want.

I know but I think infinite flight pro is enough money spent

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It definitely is.

21p a day is expensive ?

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Oh yeah… when you put it that way it does sound a lot cheaper, but I’ve been thinking… if you go to a restaurant with family or about five people, it’s probably going to cost around £20-30 so just eat out twice or three times less a year

Wow cheap prices where you live😬

I think this post is really good @TRDubh! We can all pretty much agree that @epaga’s apps are amazing and bring something extra to IF. That’s no doubt and no need to argue why since we all can all agree. The main discussion here is the price. Which way to pay and how much?

I think a subscription wouldn’t be the best way to see it as you’re buying a product which has been developed. It’s not a service you’re paying and keep paying to have it unlike IF where you’re paying constant updates in imagery and servers. It’s like a book which you buy and then keep. That’s maybe just the mentality I have, but a subscription sounds wrong.

So would it make more sense to pay all in one go or different bits depending on what you want. In my opinion, the app could be made free and you have nothing. Everything is an in app purchase. Like that you choose exactly what you want. Now let’s compare it to sandwiches. You can buy a sandwich with salad or cheese or onions, pickles, then add a coke or chips, etc… or combinations. With the sandwich you start of with a constant which is bread. Here we don’t even have that as they’re all different options. The price will obviously depend on which options you choose. Though just like sandwiches it could be interesting to make a menu. Something predifined with everything or a selection that costs less than each individually. Like that big costumers are also a bit rewarded and you have a bit of margin with the small ones.

For the pricing, I’ll have to agree with Trh as I do find it a bit high. Obviously someone passioned will be willing to pay a pretty high price. Especially if said person is someone with a job and aviation is his main hobby. 20dollars is nothing compared to other expenses so that person won’t hesitate. However most people here are students and aviation might not be their only occupation. They might look at something else for 20dollars and decide that’s worth it instead of an app. 20 dollars sound like much more when you compare it to other things you can buy for recreation. Obviously still nothing compared to insurance and other mandatory spendings. Is 3 dollars for some announcements that aren’t made that often worth it? Personally I bought most of the add ons. But it does sound a bit expensive put like that.

@epaga I definitely understand the work put into an app and I can only say your job is great! I hope you understand my reasoning and don’t think that I ignore the time you spent on them. It’s just a way of thinking that I have and probably others too. Like I said despite that, I bought nearly everything because I know it’s nothing compared to some expensive or the money you’ve invested that you’ll loose because of some guy that sent something on Twitter 😅😬. And that’s something you can’t even control so why look at the price of these small things… Now that’s a whole new story for another day😜.


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