An Honest Review of IFAssistant

Hi Everyone 👋

I recently downloaded IFAssistant with all the fruit (add-ons) and I’d like to show everyone a few things about it that I think are important for people who are thinking about it to know. But before I get into it, i think a bit of context is key.


IFAssistant is a ThirdParty app that is designed to give users a more realistic experience for Infinite Flight. It provides things like copilot callouts, warnings, such as “Bank angle, minimums, A/P disconnect,” and many more!

Two other key things that they have are PA announcements and RAAS callouts. To see the options that they give you, please see below!

PA Announcements

First Welcome Announcement welcoming the passengers aboard. Announcement made once the seatbelt sign is activated. When this does not happen, it will play either during first engine start or pushback.

Safety Briefing Safety briefing announcement. Given when initial taxi has begun.

Prepare for Takeoff Short announcement given to the flight crew return to their seats. Activated when the aircraft enters the runway.

After Initial Climb Announcement letting the passengers know they can move around the cabin. Given when the seatbelt sign is turned off at or above 5000 feet MSL.

Snacks and Drinks Announcement that refreshments will be passed out. Given when the aircraft begins its cruise.

Beginning Decent Announcement that descent is beginning and to fasten seat belts. User gets to choose what altitude this message is played.

Prepare for Landing Short Announcement given to the flight crew to prepare for landing, given when final approach is begun at chosen altitude.

After Landing Short Announcement to remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop. Given after landing when the the aircraft has slowed down to under 40 knots.

RAAS Callouts

Announce Runway Aircraft about to enter a runway while taxiing. The runway will be announced.

Announce Runway (Approach) *Aircraft on final approach with gear down, descending between 750 and 300 and on the glideslope - the runway will be announced.

Caution Taxiway * Warns when speed exceeds 40 while not on the runway*

Caution Taxiway (Approach) Warns when on final approach but not horizontally aligned with the runway’s glideslope.

**Flaps (Approach) ** Warns on approach if flaps are not extended.

Flaps (Takeoff) Warns during takeoff if flaps are not extended.

Unstable Warns if on final approach (< 450 feet) and either flaps are not extended, or if the aircraft is too high or too fast - a go-around is recommended at this point.

Too High Warns if aircraft is too far above the glideslope during final approach.

Too Fast Warns if aircraft is going faster than the maximum landing speed on final approach.

Runway Remaining Announces remaining runway length during landing.

Long Landing Warns if the aircraft has not touched down after 1/3 of the runway length.

Short Runway (Approach) Warns on final approach if the runway length is shorter than expected.

Short Runway (Takeoff) Warns during takeoff if the runway is shorter than expected.

I did leave some out because I didn’t feel that they were necessary


Overall, the app is quite handy. The biggest flaw, though, is the price. The app costs $5.00 USD but if you don’t look thoroughly, you won’t see that in reality, it costs $20.00. The $5.00 is only for the copilot callouts. Each add-on costs another $5.00, there are 3 add-ons, Warnings, PA, and RAAS. The app is not the best if you’re not willing to pay the full $20.00 so just pretend the real price is $20.00.

If you use Infinite Flight often, I believe it is worth it, but it’s on the line. You could definitely live without it, but if you’re someone who likes a whole lot of realism, i say it’s worth it if you really want to get it. If you choose to get it, there are quite a few topics that can show you how to set it up.


Value: 2/5 Value definitely is not this apps strong point

Usefulness: 4/5 This app if quite useful for pilots who are trying to be realistic, but not a necessity.

Ease of use: 5/5 This app is easy to use, takes a minute to configure, and has great customer support. There are people on this forum who you can PM with any questions.

Personal Rating: 4/5 I think this is useful for people who play a lot, including mods, but overall, kind of useless for the casual player.

Closing Remarks & Disclaimers

I definitely don’t regret the $20.00 that I spent, I use Infinite Flight quite often and I enjoy the added touch of realism. Please comment down below saying what you think of this review and give me advice because we are all learning! Thank you for reading my review, if you end up researching the app after this review and then end up getting the app, I’d love for you to PM me and we can have a GroupFlight one day!


This is an independent review and my opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. I enjoy this app and don’t wish to cause any harm when I bring up the more negative points.


What I’ve been doing.

My requests for IF-A to be downloaded have unfortunately been rejected. Although I must say,IF-A has definitely changed the game a whole lot better!

For supporting the creator of IF-A.


Hmm you think that developers should give their time and energy for free? That they should live in a box and not be able to support their family?

Good review.

One very useful point to mention is that the V_speeds call outs can be programmed in which really help on take offs. Also if you want to conduct Long haul flights the Nav section where you can program in the step climbs is pretty essential.


Yes IF Assistant is very GORGEOUS.
Here are the defaults I spotted at:

  • You have to force to quit IF Assistant and Infinite Flight before relaunching them to make them connect almost for sure
  • It misses the sounds of the buttons of the autopilot and the noise of the levers
  • A small background of radio communications might be possible without obscuring ATC / UNICOM communications. Especially for Solo users
  • It’s inactive in replays
  • The motion effect of the camera while driving is inactive in the main view
  • In an Airbus, the announcement of the minimum decision should be 100 ABOVE instead of APPROACHING MINIMUMS
  • RAAS instructions are not enough ar-ti-cu-la-ted, in fact it’s very di-dac-tick
  • The safety briefing is unbearably long, a short safety briefing option would be wellcome
  • Some callouts are too loud, resonate or on another tone

But over the defaults there’s a mountain of qualities. It’s an excellent Infinite Flight lacks compensator. The best of the best.


Hey guys! 👋🏻 Thanks so much for the review, @TRDubh - that was quite the writeup, I appreciate it. I’m so glad you think In-Flight Assistant is worth it for anyone who likes a whole lot of realism. 😀

Responding to whether casual players might find value in the app, I’d perhaps only respond that I’ve actually had lots of great feedback from quite casual players that it really does add a lot of value to their experience - so I guess it’s up to everyone to decide whether it might be worth it for them.

My vision for In-Flight Assistant (and all my apps) is to make top-notch, high-quality, polished apps that “feel” and work great and bring a smile to your face - and then also to price it accordingly. So, for someone to say “It was a bit pricey, but totally worth it” makes my day! Thanks… 😁


You guys do a great job ! I’m so glad I purchased it

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It’s well worth the £20 in fact I’d pay double or triple it’s a one off payment and improves the experience the V-Nav is incredible for long haul

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It’s not pricey it’s ridiculously cheap people have no problem with buying a coffee for £3-4 that lasts 20 mins but complain about £20 for all features that your app provides for years


I appreciate that, Mark! I think part of it, too, is that people often simply don’t really understand how much work and planning goes into high-quality apps - it’s really hard to get apps right.

But to be clear, I didn’t read the original review as “complaining”, I read it more that he was just saying “it’s a great app but be aware it can cost you up to $20 if you want to buy every last feature”.


Please can you look into some of the things pointed out like adding sounds for buttons and levers. Thank you.

Maybe I worded it wrong and yes to be fair he does say that but a wider point about cost still stands like I said your app worth a lot more as is infinite flight

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I would highly disagree with that. I went a long time without buying the add-ons. In my opinion you get your money’s worth with each add-on, and I like the fact that you don’t have to pay for everything and have the choice of what you want to buy.


It kinda feels like a rip off when you realize you re paying 20 dollars for things that IF could implement into the app itself without the need of add ons

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It’s not a rip off as it does what it says it does

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Thats why i said it feels like it, i dont have anything against the app. Its just stuff that IF could implement themselves

Here’s the thing about flight simulators: there is simply no. end. to the things IF in theory “could” implement into the app. However they are not some huge company so they are (correctly) choosing to focus on truly important things like global, better cockpits, weather, etc., as discussed at length on their blog.

The API enables third-party people like me to fill in any gaps we feel like filling in! This makes the end product way better. This is the way flight sims have worked for ages - and it’s a great ecosystem!

Take desktop flight sims like X-Plane - “vanilla” X-Plane is great, sure, but at some point you’re going to want to get some add-ons like scenery, utilities, or extra aircraft. How much are the high-quality add-ons? Oh, you know, $20-$150. A piece.

Are we going to compare basic call outs and pa announcements with highly detailed scenery and aircraft? IF already has altitude call outs and i honestly dont see how much more difficult and time consuming it would be for them to add a few more, while it would highly improve the customer s experience. I mean having live insturments on planes and not having important basic call outs is kinda ridiculous. Even the default planes that come with the PC simulators itself have those. This critic is pointed more towards IF rather than your app

What kind of sounds are you guys envisioning here? Just small clicks or something?

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I got this app for free when they did this one day sale I can’t remember when