An extremely specific glitch

Here’s an extremely specific glitch that’s only possible to do if you violate essentially every flying rule that exists. But if the glitch is there, it doesn’t hurt to report it, does it?

Picture yourself landing or rejecting a takeoff with the A380 with reverse thrust enabled. Then, for reasons only God knows, you decide to go around or continue the takeoff with only the outer engines, so you turn off engines 2 and 3, but still holding the thrust reverser. The result is that engines 1 and 4 will stay at idle until you turn on either of the inner engines and touch the throttle after that inner engine is fully started.

Below is a video attempting to explain it (yes, it took me the entirety of the longest runway ever to do it):

If you notice it, the video also shows a slight discrepancy in the reverser position depending on which A380 is loaded at the moment (the more detailed, up close one or the less detailed, further away one).

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20
Operating system: Android 13
Infinite Flight version: 24.2.2



Alright let me just turn off a couple engines here…


You can always go around!

I feel like this should be classified in the same “extraneous behavior” bucket as dropping full flaps at cruise lol


You’re right, this is an extremely specific glitch!

I’ll make sure this is passed onto the correct people