An extra ghosting

What does IF community think of providing pilots who have been in expert server for less than 12 hours an extra ghosting on their first flight?


That sounds utterly absurd. Why would this be implemented may I ask?


How would that help anyone…?

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Calm down guys, just a question. I am not suggesting anything. I just wanna know how people will react to it

I wouldn’t agree with this idea. Before spawning in to the expert server you are greeted with a message that you must confirm and clear yourself that states the rules for the server.

If you can’t follow basic rules and ATC instructions then frankly the expert server isn’t the place for you.

We’ve got a bunch of useful tutorials on this forum and on Infinite Flight’s official Youtube Channel to help you get prepared to be a pilot on the Expert Server… and avoid getting ghosted.


I know this, it’s just a consideration.


Jokes aside, sorry to hear. Know who the controller was?


He’s not asking about a controller. It’s something to do with new pilots


Also this was brought up by a friend who got ghosted on his first flight. I really was just asking why they aren’t but @Declan_O has already answered it so…

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Oh. I must be a blind little batling.

Still, I guess it would feel horrible. I have never been ghosted, so I could not tell you.

That’d defeat the whole purpose of the expert server, I have thought about this too when I was new but then I realised we have 2 whole servers where we can train and escape getting reported.

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Well Training has become Casual 2…

But we have two servers for a reason, don’t worry. When you are allowed back into expert you will be ready. Just make sure to stay within the lines and you will be fine.

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I will say that to my friend. I did tell him “tough luck shoulda followed the rules” but he is persistent

Follow the rules and you will be fine. Said me who got himself ghosted last night ;(

It’s not for me. I was once ghosted but didn’t care because I knew I would get back in to expert server, just annoyed me that 7 days of my monthly subscription was lost (well partially) from expert server

I am going to find all the times you have posted this picture and do… uh… something with it.


Not trying to stir up an argument here, just a clarifying question:

Are you suggesting that an automatic report should be given to those who haven’t flown 12+ hours on expert?

He’s trying to say that all new grade 3s don’t get demoted on their first ghost instead they get demoted after 2 ( idk if I phrased this correctly)

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That makes a lot more sense, thanks.

Fyefoot, in that case, my answer would be no. See Declan’s post for why.


If you agree to the rules at the start then you agree to be ghosted if you dont follow the rules. I dont see why someone wants a demo kit. As said by Declan