An exciting day spotting in Bozeman

Today I went planespotting at my favorite airport for the first time in a month so it was good to get back to it and I saw some very interesting airplanes today at BZN.

First up is the Teddy Bear hot air balloon that flew over me this morning.

Now onto the airplanes!
The first airplane I saw was a NetJets Global 5000 going to Seattle BFI.
One of my favorite pictures today is this JetBlue A320 going to FLL.
After that I saw a familiar sight at BZN, an Alaska Airlines E-175 going to LAX.
While waiting for the next airplane a group of four F-18s of the squadron “Death Rattlers” did a flyby of the airport and then proceeded to land at the airport.

After that exciting event I decided to head over to the terminal parking garage to get some pictures of the taxiway and ramp.
Here’s a Delta E-175 on the pushback to SLC.

Next up is a Delta Private Jets G450 taxing into the Yellowstone Jet Center.

After I got that, I went closer to see N752WJ the C750 that was parked at the Yellowstone Jet Center.

The last picture is N557XJ the Challenger 300 from XOJet that was originally supposed to go to Aspen but instead went to Bozeman.

Thank you for looking at my pictures!

My equipment

Nikon D50


idk but my level of confusion is just through the roof


It’s owned by one of the hot air balloon companies here. They operate the teddy bear balloon, a pumpkin balloon and a Gopher Balloon.


I was there today too @NathanD !!! but was on the other side of the airport 😂 if i’d know u were there i would’ve gone to the other side. Nice photos though!

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That teddy bear balloon, quite interesting…

Awesome pics!


It looks like a bad video game rendering…

@Balloonchaser where are you???


yay! Awesome catch! You should try to get a balloon ride :)

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I will try to get one someday. You were the first person I thought of when I saw the balloon.

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Hilarious. Literally :)

AFP95 get him

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Cool! I was over at Lions Gate Park!

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I was over on Airport Rd right before the beginning of Runway 30. You can almost touch the wheels over there, they fly literally right over you

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I was looking at that area before I left trying to decide if I should try it out or not. But then I decided to go with Lions Gate Park. The next time I go I’ll try out that location.

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Nice photos mate

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Thank you!🤗

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I was in BZN last October from
Georgia! I can’t wait to be back, Montana is so beautiful. Great post!

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Thank you! I live hear part time from my other home in Oregon and it is beautiful in Montana and I love it here and would never go anywhere else.

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