An event suggestion

IMHO…most of you are ignoring KEDW as a primary event loc…you could easily hold three simultaneous events there…and give the ATC trainees plenty of practice…probably more than they would normally get anywhere else in any other region…it has more rwys than any other loc in SoCal…or anywhere else for that matter…and you could host a low speed t&g for the prop types… an activity of some type for the jets…and even a skill oriented contest for the fighter crews…and as another idea…you could use it as the orig loc for a SOFIA event…maybe from there to KSAN…with a 20 minute cruise at 40k for the telescope deployment…a fleet of SOFIA’s in formation…might be unique…that’s my input for now…l leave the rest for you all to brainstorm over…

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The main problem about KEDW is the height visibility for the runways. Even on the upper tower camera, I can’t even see an adequate view for half the runways, which presents problems when I’m deciding which ones are best for sequencing and pattern flow for that day.

However, you are right about KEDW’s aspects. There’s such a large number of runways that you could shuttle hundreds of planes in every hour and not even worry about delays, as contrary to London Heathrow.

Though, you should understand that not a lot of controllers are willing to scroll through the long list of runways to clear planes on, which becomes an extreme chore. That’s one of the main reasons why so many of us shy away from KEDW- there’s simply too many runways to manage.

A good alternative for this, however, is to head over to Chicago O’Hare. It’s an easy second to KEDW, and is probably better, in my opinion. O’Hare has a better concept of flow traffic and layouts, rather than KEDW’s bulky military-sense.

Just a few things to think about.


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And the other thing about KEDW I dont like is the taxi time and distance. Takes ages to get to the runway.

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EDW is a great location but in addition to the reasons above, there are a wide variety of runways there-There;s 9L2, the massive lake bed runways, and the teeny runways. I would imagine some folks out there wouldn’t check which runway they’re using and would end up with a 747 on the smallest runway there

You can “spawn”…btw…what species of salmon are you… at KEDW AF Aux …it can handle a 747 easily…and then either takeoff from there…or taxi to KEDW rwy 18 a short distance away …and you can then land at the other two concrete rwys or intersect the 12/36 one…many possibilities available to choose from…

contact @BBJMAX and his crew…

I recall the event made by IFFG a matter on months ago. KEDW-KSAN and back

Is actually very similar to your idea

I know of no event thus far that suggested a fleet of SOFIA’s at 40K…but in order to remain aloft for the telescope deployment time…you would have to circuit the region long enough to get up to cruising altitude…l know because l have already accomplished it several times…but a fleet in some type of formation would be neat…IMHO

You need a rapid climb rate of about 5000 fpm when you reached the top is already time to decend

So that just means you change direction several times for the telescope part of the event…if you make a FP and traverse n/s you make several loops from KWDW to KSAN…or do a half circle of the SoCal region…in any case a fleet at 40K about 1/4 mile or less apart would be unique…and with the descent time figured in …you could get an hour and a half flying time in…most trips are over in 30 min in a jet…and on top of that there are aspects of it that require some skill…as you will find out if you try it…