An event for all of the VA's ! | Vol.1 : Dubai to The World | @ OMDB - 041500ZAUG18

Welcome to the first event specially for all of the Virtual Airlines in the IFC, I am proud to announce : An Event For All The VA’s !


Airport : OMDB - Dubai International Airport

Date : August 4, 2018 3:00 PM

Server : Expert Server

Hello and welcome to one of my biggest events yet. As you all know, that event is going to take place in the sunny and beautiful Dubaï (OMDB) on the 4th of August. The VA staff that is going to take care of this event has until the 28th of July to fill out the sheet with the needed informations.

Event Description

This event is an made for all of the VA’s in the IFC, the small ones and the big ones. I am planning and expecting to fill out the whole airport. Every VA will have to fill out a sheet with the pilot’s IFC username, Callsign, and aircraft and every VA will have to choose one route to fly to. Example : Delta VA : (IFC username) - (Callsign : DLVA005) - (Aircraft : 777-200ER) and the VA chose one destination to fly to (like New York, London…). So it will be a flyout event with every VA flying to only one route. The event will probably be covered by IFATC and ghosting will be strictly enforced. We will let the VA choose their arrival destination. It should be fun, many group flights in one event.

If you want your VA to participate, fill out the google sheet below with the final number of pilots and message me @Georges180305 with the needed informations.

Our sponsor :

Emirates Airlines Virtual is now the main sponsor for the event.


Emirates Virtual is proud to be the Sponsor of this event!

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