An Evening of Spotting @ PANC

Hey IFC!
I haven’t posted a topic in a while, so why not do one right now? I just recently visited the airport and did a little plane spotting. Here’s some of my catches!

First off, we got a FedEx MD-11F arriving in from Guangzhou

Next, we got a UPS B747-8F coming in from Louisville

Two aircrafts later, we got an hour delayed Alaska Airlines B737-900ER from Seattle

Behind, we have another UPS B747-8F also coming from Louisville

Lastly, we got an Alaska Airlines B737-800 arriving in from Seattle also. Sadly, this livery is starting to get rare to catch. :(

Welp, that’s all I got. I’ll post more of these soon as we’re getting some more routes and bigger aircrafts this summer. Hoped you enjoyed!


Those are beautiful shots. The partially sun lit clouds in the background make it better.

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The city of Anchorage it is colder in the state of Alaska very enjoyed!

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Stunning pictures :)

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The Alaska B737-8 has a good appearance with the background clouds and lights. Nice photos!

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