An Evening of Spotting at KRDU

Airport: KRDU
Camera: iPhone 15

Last night I went spotting at KRDU, and it was so pretty. I just upgraded from my iPhone SE to a 15, so I wanted to go test out the camera. This also might have been the last time I would see the Skyteam Livery because it’s being replaced by Air France in about 20 days.

United MAX 9 landing super low.

Delta A319 looking like some of my IF screenshots

I saw a ton of E175s, but this was my favorite.

A Spirit A320neo landing runway 23L, so its grainy because it was kinda far. Sorry!

Delta Skyteam 767-400 loading up to go to Paris, a Delta 717 taking off

Skyteam pushing back!

Liftoff towards the sun! This might be the last time I see Skyteam.


Very nice pictures!

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great shots!

thank you!

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really cool, hoping to go next weekend

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Nice, For someone who lives 2 hours from raleigh and lives in north carolina, I love the airport but i’ve only ben 2 times. Hopefully some can see the IceAir 738, Also Go WolfPack


And i flew drone ORD-RDU in a A319 but we didn’t get in the 737 (Tbh the a319 was better


this is actually a 737 max. had to be that guy lol.

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is it an 8 or a 9?

looks like a 9

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thanks! i’ll change it, thanks for catching my mistake!

dont worry, everyone makes mistakes lol

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