An evening arrival @KAVP

I recently buttered (or greased) possibly one of my best landings, in the 717?! It was a fun flight from Atlanta. The real flight I just completed was pitch black, so this is slightly earlier than the real world scheduled arrival.

Flight details

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Boeing 717

Livery: Delta Air Lines

Route: KATL - KAVP

On another note, I also caught a shot of my morning arrival today! From the same position lol. These shots were taken at completely different times of the day irl 😂

Flight Details

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Livery: Livery 4 I think…?

Route: EGMD - KAVP (EGMD, my home airport)

Rotating out of EGMD:

I’m never going to edit photos… 😈


Very nice photos! The Cessna Citation X is so underrated (in my opinion)

@Ecoops123, I do agree with you here.


i think the rules officially state that if you say the were butter your account gets locked on 19.4 and you don’t get to upgrade the app any longer

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Really like the evening pic, i always love when a pic makes an airport look “alive” where you see movement around the airport.

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Jokes on you I’m happy with what I’ve got 😂. Tbh I like what we have, even if we have a rework, I mean it’s cool and we all love it, but I still fly the entire fleet of IF with no doubt. It’s only the stuff like clouds that. I’d love to try that lol.

On topic.

I love not editing shots, so you can actually get the ‘real picture’ sense, so you know you’ll be able to see this if you want to buy the game or go here in-game.


I agree on a lot of terms. It is a great business jet, I’d still personally prefer the Bombardier Global fleet. It does need a major update though. The door you can completely see through, and there are just holes and bugs all across the aircraft. I think reworking this aircraft, not only will increase the use of GA attention since there would be a jet aircraft out there, it would improve VA’s and VO’s out there like the IFGAC. We want to inspire the next generation, and the way we do that is helping them build up their confidence for a PPL. We have the Cessna, XCub and TBM. Why not take it a notch higher?