An Etihad plane hit Turbulences while en-route to Jakarta

Hope everyone are okay
31 Peoples are injured


jeeeeeez that looks mental

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And look at this one

Just read that article. Crazy! I’ve been in some bad turbulence before, but I can’t imagine anything that bad. They said the oxygen masks started falling down…whoa

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Sounds horrible!

Glad they all landed safely

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It seems this happens much more frequently now with this happening to a plane like every week!

It is frequent? Which was the last flight that suffered a serious turbulence before this Etihad one?

There were quite a few won’t planes flying from Asia to America bit if you search it, it should come up

Though this one injures Many passengers rather than others

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I wanna know what kinds of injuries people get from turbulence. I haven’t experienced bad turbulence yet fortunately.

Well, the typical ones… Hitting your head or any part of your body against something… You get what I mean, right?

Yeah, I could see that.

Those passengers really had a terrible experience😨😨

Yep, Very terrible experience

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