An Eskimo's Tale KSEA-KSFO

An Eskimo’s Tale!

Well, well, @ran is back with another video. I flew KSEA-KSFO in the Alaska A320, and it felt right with the Eskimo’s happy face. It assures me and thousands of worried travelers and people around the world, (especially with COVID-19 going on), that everything will be alright.

While I do feel sorry for those affected by the virus, that is not the main focus of my topic. I’d like to share my video of the happy Alaskan in the air :)

So sit back and watch!

Make sure to watch on 1080p!

Flight Time: ~1hr 30mins


That is some music there… have a listen to it and you’ll probably understand what the Eskimo’s tale means.

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Which flight should be next?

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That music…ahhhhhh!

Great video btw - that route is really nice!

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Thanks @BennyBoy! It is a real nice approach and scenery :)

Yeah the final approach and landing - erm…might wanna practice that…

Also why do you have the landing aids on?


@BennyBoy, Oh :smh:, I keep forgetting to remove them…

Plus, I intended to take the replay view without the landing aids. Yikes! I’ll fix that in the next video…

I’ll watch this first thing in the morning. I’m sure it’s awesome.

Always glad to see someone flying Alaska!

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Nice! That landing was a bit 😬



Next, do Seattle to San Jose (KSEA-KSJC) with the Alaska A320 or Southwest B738! :D


Will see… I’m aiming for a medium-haul tonight, but let’s see.

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What’s this on expert or training server?

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Expert @MJP_27, that’s why you see me struggling to keep up during landing. My fpl told me to descent steeply at a fix very close to the airport, so I ended up going around and landing on the other runway.


I think your next route should be KSEA-PAJN. (Alaska 739)

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I need something preferably from OMAA I realized

Are you looking short, medium or long haul?

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@The_Real_Plane_Spott, Medium-haul. If you can send me a PM, that’s be great :)

B738 Air Egypt ✈

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K, thanks for the suggestion @ThomasThePro!

@ran I just sent you a PM

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