An error symbol

I just entered the Training Server, and was doing my normal checks. One of the checks I do is making sure my connection to the Live Server is stable.

Even though that was stable, there was an error symbol next to something called API Service. I’ve never really understood what API Service is. If there is an error related to it, is that fatal? I have added a screenshot for reference.


This is nothing to worry about.
It’s most likely due to increased server response time due to unusually high load (as always when release of new aircraft). Nothing that should have any service impact or anything you’ll notice besides the orange marker.

We’re actively keeping an eye on it.


Okay, awesome! Thanks Scyllberg!

So is this going to cause some lag during my flight? I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 16.0.

Nope. You should be perfectly fine :)

Excellent! Thank you again for the quick response!

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