An epic parallel landing at Dallas! 9.9.21

Hey @EpicNYC04! was this the shot you were looking for this morning of our epic parallel landing into DFW? If so, nicely done lining up with me timely!

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m back after a few weeks off from real world priorities and do I have a whole bunch of flights lined up for the next few days! I’ll be posting those flight screenies in a collection on one topic.

Coming into Dallas Fort Worth this morning from Hong Kong with the American 777-300ER! Conveniently, another user lined up next to me on the other runway for one beautiful parallel landing shot flying the TransWorld heritage livery!

This photo was proudly taken on the expert server around 9:45 AM Central Standard Time! Some adjustments were made with Adobe Lightroom!


Awesome 😎 !!

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This is outstanding!!! Amazing mate, I would love to create something like this.

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TWA livery 🗿

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