An Epic Formation

It’s my pleasure to share with everybody some pictures of an epic formation flight that I did a few days ago.

I flew a Supermarine Spitfire, a World War Two fighter;
@AIDAN101 flew a Grumman F-14, a Vietnam War fighter;
and @LongHaulGuy flew an Airbus A380, a commercial airliner.

In the last picture, all three aircraft broke to the right, ending the formation.

In the first picture, I performed a precariously low pass over the taxiing A380.

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Amazing, these are very stunning! I watched you for a few minutes. Remember me?

if you hadn’t been watching the televsion programme you would have joined the flight

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I was going to join in, but I didn’t have a sub at the time. I do now, so if you guys want to do another, let me know Lol


Awesome pics, I can never even get the spit into the air so great job.


omg i can relate… the tail of the spitfire has a mind of its own the moment it lifts from the ground

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the F-14 is not an Vietnam fighter. Great photos though!

Great photos! Man, I sure am I great pilot with the slight help of A/P 😂

Only the slightest help of all, barely any help at all.

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But nothing too much of course… Great photos!

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i was the only one who didn’t use autopilot (my plane doesn’t have it)


The first picture is stellar! I love the Singapore A380 and it really reveal the true size of the A380 absolutely wonderful pictures @rockpapernuke

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Theese photos are great :) I love the 3rd !!

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I love the third picture, truly stunning!

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