An entire day at WSSS!

After being reminded by @Maxmustang that I hadn’t put up a spotting topic in a while, I went and dug through all my files. It turns out that I thought I had created a topic for a day but for some reason didn’t…

Enjoy the shots, and thanks to Max for the reminder!

(EXIF and plane data below as usual.)

Silkair A320-232| 9V-SLP, MSN 5089| 1/400s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm

Firefly ATR72-212A| 9M-FYI, MSN 935| 1/500s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm
Emirates 777-36NER| A6-EBE, MSN 32788| 1/640s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm
1/640s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm
FedEx 757-236SF| N948FD MSN 25059| 1/500s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm
I’m not too sure if you can see it, but if you click on the photo and take a look at the sides, you can see blanked out windows. This particular bird used to be with BA as G-BPED before being converted in 2011 to a freighter. That also explains why this frame has RB211s due to BA being the original customer.

Eva Air 777-35EER| B-16726 MSN 44552| 1/500 f/8 ISO 100 70-200@122mm

Srilankan Airlines A320-232| 4R-MRE MSN 2731| 1/640s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm
Imagine walking up to the gate and seeing an unmarked plane waiting! This particular A320 caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect a white plane to be operating just like that. Originally owned by Air Deccan (no, I’ve not heard of it either) then by Kingfisher Red, then purchased by ILFC and leased to Mihin Lanka (what now?) then to Aercap which leased it to Srilankan Airlines.

Singapore Airlines 777-312ER| 9V-SWO MSN 34580| 1/400 f/8 ISO 100 70-200@126mm

1/500s f/8 ISO 100 70-200@200mm

Singapore Airlines A350-941| 9V-SMP MSN 122| 1/320 f/8 ISO 100 70-200@91mm

Thai Airways A330-343X| HS-TBG MSN 1408| 1/400 f/8 ISO 100 70-200@149mm

Scoot 787-9 “Barry”| 9V-OJB MSN 37113| 1/640 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@154mm
Yes, we did name a 787 Barry.

Shanghai Airlines A330-243| B-6546 MSN 1303| 1/320 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@200mm

Singapore Airlines 777-312| 9V-SYL MSN 33376| 1/320 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@126mm

1/250 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@100mm

Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-412F| 9V-SFP MSN 32902| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@113mm
Note the parallel runways being used- AirAsia A320 taking off while the Queen is on final!

KLM 777-306ER| PH-BVC MSN 37582| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@154mm

Cathay Pacific A350-941| B-LRO MSN 93| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@145mm

Air France 777-328ER| F-GSQF MSN 32849| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@200mm

Finnair A350-941| OH-LWI MSN 104| 1/1250 f/8 ISO 400 70-200@118mm

Qatar Airways A350-941| A7-ALF MSN 11| 1/500 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@131mm

Lufthansa A380-841| D-AIMD MSN 48| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@104mm

British Airways A380-841| G-XLEL MSN 215| 1/400 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@100mm

Biman Bangladesh 737-8E9| S2-AHV MSN 40335| 1/320 f/8 ISO 200 70-200@109mm

I always save my best (or most interesting in this case) shots for last- see what you think!
1/1250 f/8 ISO 400 70-200@200mm
Antonov Airlines An-124| UR-82029 MSN 19530502630| 1/1250 f/8 ISO 400 70-200@200mm

Yes, an An-124! This beast surprised all of us spotting there as it was flying in from Perth with no flight plan listed on FR24 and we watched it approach Changi with the hope that it would land here- it did! Only one caveat though, it came in on the opposite runway- cue impromptu 1km sprint down the beach to get a shot! This is why I’m saving up for a 2.8IS with a 2x extender… pants heavily

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at these photos! There are actually a few more, but I need to study and these are the most interesting ones that I saw. As said in another thread, I have exams in 2 weeks so I won’t be posting any new PoTPs or special topics for now, but I’ll still be here responding to posts.

Have a great weekend!


Wow! Great Pics love the FedEx!


Awesome shots as always, Ignatius!

I love the SIA A350 shots, looks awesome!

Let me guess, 9V-SYL was coming from CGK right?

I can’t exactly confirm as I didn’t record it down but yes I think SYL did come from CGK :)

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Just noticed the presence of this AirAsia A320 haha


Another one for you then?

FedEx 767-3S2ERF| N132FE MSN 42721| 1/500 f/6.3 ISO 800 70-200@180

That’s all I managed to catch for FedEx planes unfortunately, their quite rare!


I’d like to say I set up the shot with it in the background, but it was mostly luck. And me taking time to set up the shot with it in the background.

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Really good photos.
Good job

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@Iggydang… MaxSez: “Well Done”… Singapore’s Changi, an aviation privet point in the Far East. The AN-124 inbound, what an impressive shoot and rare catch. Here’s a BZ Flag for your xtra effort. Put it in your Trophy case, you earned it!
Warm Regards!



Your photos never fail to impress, and are of superior quality. Glad to see you were able to find these great pictures and share them with us. We all look forward to more spotting pictures from you!


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This might be irrelevant but shoutout to our new president who lives in Yishun!!


Always nice to have encouragement from everyone, cheers!

Extremely irrelevant to talk about our president-select here…


:( where is the Singapura spirit?

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Dang Iggy! Good shots! I love the AN225

I apologize for that joke


What joke? If you mean the Antonov 225 one, then your jokes are as bad as joke can get. Thankfully you apologized for it.
If that is not the joke and you seriously confused that with an An-225 then I think you should go to prison for committing an av-crime.

Just kidding, obviously

@Iggydang how long have these photos been sitting in your computer while you thought you had shared them? Just curious. Great shots btw. Singapore has a lot of variety.


AGHHHHHHHH!! I wanted to capture the 124 soooooooooooooo badly and I could’ve because planes on the SIN-PER or back go directly above Jakarta!! I missed it and feel like I’ve failed life.

Did 9V-SYL come from CGK? I love the FedEx!

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Looks amazing! Always brightens my day to see some spotting photos.

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Wow amazing pictures! That Qatar Airways A350 though. 🤤

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I like Barry. He is Barry.

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3 weeks… not that long I guess but I normally get a topic up within 24 hours of me coming home after that so this is quite late!

Yep it did. Don’t worry too much about not seeing the An-124, I know that they do this route quite often, you’ll get a chance to see one :)

You can’t hate a plane with a name like Barry, can you?