An Enstrom F-28 Acident

Well, some one is in big trouble


Five people on board, no injuries
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a helicopter crash that occurred in Pennsylvania on Sunday
A preliminary investigation, conducted by Delaware State Police, determined the crash occurred during the Evans Farm Fall Festival on Sunday, October 7, at around 1:37 p.m. The helicopter, A 1981 Enstrom FA28C helicopter, with approximately 15 gallons of fuel on board, took off with four passengers, not including the pilot. The pilot, a 62-year-old Bridgeville man, reported that the aircraft lost power as he cleared the irrigation and electrical lines. The helicopter proceeded east approximately 300 yards before making a hard landing into an adjacent soybean field…

Now why is this an issue?
The FA28 is a two passenger helicopter…


Stupid people do stupid things…

Unfortunately not all pilots are as smart as u think


Oh no! This is not a good year for aviation. Glad everyone is ok.


Well they say more the merrier…

Except in this case it looks like. Should have followed what the manual of what the Heli said on how many people to bring

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It’s an interesting investigation to find out. Robbie’s POH make a point (Safety Notice SN-18) that overconfidence can kill you.


Really glad hear the outcome was a good one!

This is very sad. Glad to know no one died.

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Interesting. I mean as stupid as this pilot was for overloading his a/c, I’m glad nobody perished in this

Nope completely understood what you mean, the guy was overconfidence in his helicopter. Me too I’m glad everyone walked away.


As tight as the bubble is how would they even fit five into the chopper unless it was a bunch of clowns that couldn’t find a proper clown car?

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If I take a guess some one was on some one lap

Weight and Balance is a myth

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But five? Three on one and then the pilot sitting on somebody else’s? I’m guessing some little people are involved, maybe his family, but I just don’t see five people fitting into this thing.

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That’s so true

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Well 5 people, 1 pilot with 4 pax. Two would need be sitting on some one’s lap so maybe kids or younger people for sure.

Exactly, that’s the only way I see it being possible.

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So glad there were no injuries and everyone survived. Seems like it would be a fatal accident


Hmm this guy has a very good Airline modo 😂

Sorry you lost me

Did it really lose power or was it just underpowered for that situation? What would be interesting to see is the load sheet he used (if he used one) and check if he was really overweight and if the balance was incorrect.

I guess someone is going to lose his licence anyway…