An end of an Era in Alaska - Good bye 737 200

Well it’s been publicly released.

Northern Air Cargo has announced to retire their fleet of Boeing 737-200s in January of 2019. NAC has been flying the -200s for sometime now operating 3 of them around the State of Alaska. The reason why they kept the -200 for so long is due to the gravel kit operation which allows them to fly into St Mary’s Alaska a gravel runway. Northern Air Cargo operates the -300 series, a -400 and recently added the 767 to their list.


This is really sad. The 737-200 has always been an iconic aircraft (not so much anymore.)


I always see these aircraft on whenever I am browsing for a good Alaskan route to fly in the simulator. What is the timeline for their retirement?

It is, They were so loud though I remember working on the other side of ANC and hearing them depart. It was a fun aircraft to work on though!

January 2019

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I’ve seen one of these blasting outta HNL. It was a sight. So sad to see more of the, retire.

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The oldest 737 I can remember seeing is the 733 and 735 on Southwest. No going to lie, I LUVED those aircraft. The 737 family overall is special and it’s sad to see the older generation disappearing. And yes, the 732 was super loud. But that is what made it special, to me, not to non-avgeeks

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What does this do? Change the wheels?

Each engine has this little tube sticking out,

and then there’s a skid behind the front wheel


What does the tube do? It doesn’t seem like it could “deflect” rocks. Can the skids retract? It seems like that would make it harder to taxi.
Cool plane though. It’s a shame that they are retiring.

It’s called a vortex dissipator it ruins the vortex being formed when the engine is sucking air in


I think I’ve seen that exact Air North plane up in Fairbanks. They fly them in during the summer on a charter from Dawson for the cruise lines.

Which is a shame. Give us engine tornadoes!

Yeah you probably have

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Better that than an engine shutdown from inhaling rocks.

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I’m willing to roll those dice

loses job as A&P apprentice

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Spotted a 737-200 at CYUL. God it was amazing. Sad to hear that they’re retiring there in Alaska.


Well that’s very sad ;( never got ride one or see one but I have seen videos though they seem like amazing aircraft!
It’s sad to see any older iconic plane go

Love this classic aircraft! I like vintage aircraft, especially those engine thrusters and the engine sound. Also some nice skid modifications 😀

"but every life must be death


Personally, I have never really liked the 737-200. The engines look so unbalancing.

A lot of the airlines that fly to the Canadian North use older 737 variants, especially older 737 modified combi varients. Sad to see that they are ending service in the US. (as far as I’m aware, no US airline operates them other then in Alaskawell, not anymore)