An emotional goodbye (Delta MD88’s)

Well y’all, it happened. I’m so sad about it but I’m glad I got to capture the final landings. ATL approach switched the runway for the ‘90 last second and we all sprinted but I didn’t make it. So sorry, no photos of the ‘90. But nonetheless, enjoy!

A few MD88’s coming in before the final one

Southwest with a special sticker

Missouri One

The one you came for

It was so sad to see these go and I’m going to miss them a lot. To see a video of the landing, the water cannon salute, and more behind the scenes from today, go check out my Instagram story: @jackson.aviation (They won’t be up for long)

As always my photos are NOT free to use so please contact me for permission! Hope you

RIP MadDog 1987-2020


A canyon blue, a Southwest special and Maddogs. Very Nice! Sad to see these beautiful birds disappear from the american skies :(


To be honest I was never a fan of the Delta MD88s and 90s, but its always sad to see an aircraft go.
On the other hands, those WN shots are poppin. Well done!


I’m just as sad, but Missouri One made me a little happier 😂

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

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