An Casual Flight across Turkmenistan and Iran well kinda

Anyway I’ve wanted to do a casual flight across Turkmenistan then to northeast Iran until I somehow crash on final which I either bank angle or accidentally done it so might give out some details


Cessna 208B caravan

Taken off from Ashgabat in a calm afternoon with a C208 which bought from ZAN air

Reaching up to 8,000 Feet to avoid any mountains possible with only 3 passengers on board as a family

One of the passengers taken photos inside the cab which is in flight

Casually relaxing over Turkmenistan

Descending into our airport which almost finish our flight

Meanwhile I almost crash into the ground until I saved it and I was cleared to land

I was told to move stuff and somehow the plane disengage the autopilot and gone into a dive

Unfortunately I tried to save it but I went to fast and crashed into the ground like 1.6nm into the airport runway

After that I was kinda disappointed so I have to spawn into OIMC to do one pattern then I was done with the flight as it’s 98% completed

Anyway hope you enjoyed this and might make more detailed flights soon as you like it


Adding on. During final I was told to do something which was very short and simple and the autopilot somehow disconnected by itself or either I accidentally pressed it which cause the bank angle and dive

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Really odd landscape and a rather rare airplane as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Yea the landscape is personally not really discovered that much since people don’t fly there or don’t really care to look when flying in the middle east

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