An awesome day flying with @NeperQiell!

Hello! Today I flew together with @NeperQiell and decided to post some screenshots on here. We flew together from Madrid LEMD to Sofia LBSF and on to Larnaca LCLK. We both flew the Wizzair A321. I hope you enjoy the screenshots as much as we enjoyed flying together.

  • The route I took was LBSF-LEMD-LBSF-LCLK. @NeperQiell joined me from Madrid to Sofia, as I was in Sofia and went to Madrid to fly together with him.
  • My total flight time was 7h 40min.
  • We flew on the Expert Server (Yay ๐ŸŽ‰)

Preparing the bird for yet another day of flying.

A stunning shot from the overwing window! Wow!

Hey there, @NeperQiell! Ready to fly?

The plane on the left is me

A passenger saw Neper landing. Well done!

Final touchdown for the day in Larnaca. Butter!

Me and Neper parked the birds for the day in Larnaca. Beautiful sunset shot.

The plane on the right is me

What do you guys think? Any opinions, comments, tips and critique is awaited, respected and appreciated!


Awesome shots! Great flight choice guys!

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Thanks, man! Maybe Iโ€™ll upload some more shots tomorrow ;)

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Nice pics mate, i should ve taken some too

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Did you delete the replay file already?

Lol i forgot multiplayer replay is a thing

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Happens sometimes. Canโ€™t wait to see your shots (If youโ€™re going to make some ofc, not gonna force you).

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You blasting out of LEMD

Me taking off

On final to Sofia

Larnaca sunset arrival

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Awesome shots, man! Keep it up!

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I now remembered that I lined up and immediately started my takeoff roll, it was fun.

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Such an awesome livery!

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Totally agree with you. I really like it. So much so that I want to become a pilot for that airline irl one day.

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