An Awesome approach into Aspen.!

I was on my way to Aspen Pitkin(KASE) and I decided to take some few pics.


From: Denver International (KDEN)
To: Aspen Pitkin (KASE)

Server: Expert
Est Time: 30-40 mins

Wing View of the CRJ.

Preparing for descent.

Almost there…

Touchdown…!!! : )

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Great photos, Aspen really is a cool place!

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It’s really an awesome one…Glad you liked them. I like it especially for its approach.

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whats up with the clouds?

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They aren’t clouds…you can just set the visibility to zero when you are at a high altitude passing over some mountains

Oh okay, thank you for the tip, thats pretty cool, and great pics implementing that!

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These are amazing pics! The only sad part is the other United CRJ trying to take off on runway 15. Not much you can do about that. Once again, nice job!

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That’s true,departures should be at RWY33 but i was also wondering how takeoffs are possible at RWY15

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I guess he didn’t check the NOTAM

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No problem mate ; )

Living in the area, I have only heard of three departures using 15. When the CO national guard comes, they sometimes use it for military purposes. The other two were a private jet who got special ATC access and sometimes the local flight training aircraft use it. All of these have been in the summer btw. So, they actually do happen, but extremely rare.

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Oh.!..I didn’t know that one…