An Average Spin from London-Cancun

Another day with a 787-8 going on very long journeys from cold places to hot country’s in winter


Aircraft: Boeing 787-8

Livery: Tui Airways
3) Photos
Departure from heathrow

Met a BAVA Dude around FL350

Into the Coast of Spain

Leaving EU

Into The Bahamas

Passing Cuba

Approaching Cancun Airspace

Gear Down

Landed with a near tail strike (and goodnight)


Don’t mind the “3) Photo” line

Photos: Great!
Realism: 🤦‍♂️


I have a strange feeling that you didn’t use the in-built screenshot camera in the replay. Correct me if I’m wrong!

But nice pictures😃

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Yea I basically use screenshots in IPhone and crop out the replay panel

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I dont either. I personally have better things to do than replay an entire 16hr flight just to find some good pictures that I could have easily screenshots mid flight. I have a feeling that I’m not the only one with this veiw point.

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I’ll give you this tip: use that screenshot button. It gives you high quality pics (like this one)

If you want any help with it, just ask me :)

And @KGJT-9149, you don’t have to watch the whole replay. Click on the replay, if I’m correct it shows you the exact time when you took off/landed. Those are the moments you can take good pics. If you did a short haul (approximately 1-2 hours), you can go 15 seconds forwards all the time till you found a nice angle.
If you want me to help you too, just ask. I’ll be more than happy to help :D

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Thanks anyway back to future

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Stunning pics 🤩

Triggered at the fact that they flew a TUI aircraft from Heathrow

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🤣 when u care so much about realism I am the same way 🤣

I don’t mind if it’s outside something off of my local areas or a place I know lots about.
All jokes aside, Nice shots!

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Yea also why I chose tui because basically THERES NO THOMSON IN IF (757 has one but no enough range)

Thomson/TUI don’t fly to Heathrow regardless. Manchester and Gatwick are good and realistic choices.

Ok besides I was dum to know that Manchester takes longer and Gatwick exists (basically I had to choose the overrated heathrow)