An Australian Plane Ride @ YSCB - 172230ZSEP17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSCB

Time: 2230Z (8:30 AM, Sunday AEST)

NOTAM: (Today, Cause I think I messed the Zulu time up
You can either do pattern’s or fly to YSSY (Sydney)

Aircraft: Any Australian Aircraft (C-130 Australian Air force)

Any questions just ask me, (I may of done the Zulu time wrong I’m sorry about that, Its tomorrow AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time)

See you there!!

Happy landings!!!


Is the AEST Australian eastern standard time or American Eastern Standard Time

Made a quick change to your title as it was slightly incorrect.

Best of luck with your event! :)

@Fynn :


Australian eastern standard time

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Thank you very much, is that better?!

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Hmmmmmmm… Sounds familiar… 🤔🤔

lol @philippe

Are there any other Australian planes. Thanks. Also does anyone know the Zulu time. Thanks again

@Aussie_Wombat might be interested and he got his Live subscription back recently… I can’t come to this event since my Subscription expired a few months back and I’ll renew after global release!


Its tomorrow at 8:30am AEST, I will not be there (I’ll be at school!!) It was meant to be today, no one turned up!!! D: D:

Yeah, it’s monday, I can’t go ☹️

Hopefully people will turn up!!, I’ll be checking Liveflight!! at school!!

I have school off on Monday, but no Live :(

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