An Australian Outback Sunrise

Qantas 643 from YPPH-YPKG, Boeing 737-800 in Expert Server. Flight time was 43 minutes, the sun rose as we took off from Perth and was up in the sky by the time we landed in the mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport is a class Echo airport, but has many flights to Perth with Qantas and Virgin Australia

Departing Perth with a 25 knot crosswind Ascending past the mountains East of Perth on our way to Kalgoorlie-Boulder As we start our descent the scarlet red dirt appears in the Outback image Turning base toward YPKG image Short Final on the 7,000 foot runway 11 image Deploying reverse thrust after Ryanairing the plane into the runway, luckily those tires have good suspension 😬

Let me know what you think, and your favorite photo!


Very nice! I love the sunset!

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That is an amazing set of photos

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