An Attempt to crash a Boeing 747!

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We all know that the 747 is the Queen of the skies and is one of the best aircrafts out there. But imagine you’re on board a 747 flying a normal peaceful flight and Suddenly the aircraft starts diving for the ground. Later on you find out that it was:
“An Attempt to Crash a 747” 😳

British Airways Flight 2069 was a scheduled flight between London Gatwick and Nairobi. A passenger entered the Cockpit and tried to control the aircraft while fighting the first officer. This flight was just intense. 🔥

• Simulator: @infiniteflight 🎮
• Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
• Airline: British Airways 🇬🇧
• Flight: London 🇬🇧 ➡️ Nairobi 🇰🇪
• Flight status: Landed at NBO ✔️

Here is the Video’s Link ⬇️
An Attempt to Crash a Boeing 747 - British Airways Flight 2069 - Infinite Flight Simulator - YouTube

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