An Atlantic trek in the outdated wreck - Delta 767

Hello fellow community!

I know I’m not the best at taking replay shots some of the time, neither are most of these alike, but I thought I’d share this peculiar flight from Atlanta to Stuttgart with you! This was flown the other week when LEPA was featured, and EDDS was being controlled whilst I was landing. I hope you can enjoy the photos, and just give you a little inspiration on the lesser known destinations, and the routes they offer. :)

I have been flying the 767 a good number of times recently across the Atlantic, and will say once it’s in the air, it’s quite a nice aircraft to use!

Flight details

Server: Expert

Route flown : Atlanta KATL - Stuttgart EDDS

Aircraft and Airine: Delta Boeing 767-300 (real world flight used 767-400)

Lining up onto 27R at Atlanta, another 767 is out of frame at the gates here.

Cruising out into the night, we pass Charlotte, with view of one of American Airline’s hubs in the distance.

This route took me directly over New York. It was amazing to see all the massive airports, along with Manhattan below me!

After an uneventful and bumpy ride across the Atlantic, I was able to see the Coast of Ireland… but at this time I was actually asleep…

This route took me right through the UK. I caught a glimpse of Cardiff and Bristol before continuing through to London.

Passing through London Heathrow, there was a BAVA group flight going on. I love how the recent update has allowed aircraft to render much further away!

Passing through Belgium. I also passed through a very scenic Liege.

Flying into Stuttgart meant a turn just west of Frankfurt for the arrival. It was great to fly past such a large airport!

Landing 07 at Stuttgart

Hope you enjoyed these shots! My favourite one was the shot of Heathrow, what was yours? 👀


Awesome! Great job!

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Great pictures! When I read outdated wreck I thought it would have a 757 or something. Then I red delta 767 👀


Great photos @Ecoops123!

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Nice pictures, like the one above Brussels

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The 767 is 😍 especially Delta’s

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B767 is my favorite aircraft. I fly it a lot as well. Great photos!!!