An ATC bug?

Hi, so I was controlling JFK for the fun of it on TS awhile back and was going through my replay and noticed something out of the ordinary. If you take a look in the photo below KLM 456 Heavy called inbound with Information Echo, but with no ATIS on training how is that even possible?

The photo


Version: 20.3 (before the hotfix)

Device: iPhone 8

IOS: 14.0

Replay: I will get the replay shortly, but am unable to at this moment.

If anyone has any input on this or if this is a known bug I would appreciate you letting me know!


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I have experienced this before, I think it’s just a glitch, quite rare. I’m not sure though

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There is no ATIS available on the Training server.


Yeah was confused when I saw it and didn’t know if someone had experienced it before. Thanks for the input!

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This can happen from time to time. It has been noted internally.