It would be great to creat an ATC app. This app would have much more option than the IF app like a radar (as on Liveapp) or the possibility to attend events in free camera without necessarily participating (in a plane or ATC). the name would be INFINITE FLIGHT ATC. To prevent everyone coming on the application, it would be free but it should have a pro IF account and a subscription. This is just an idea and my first post in English (I’m French) so please **


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be indulgent**. thank youj

Are you talking for some app similar to which we usually use to control on VATSIM?

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Well, if you already have a pro subscription, you can just spawn in a gate, and watch the event from there. I’m also confused why it would be called Infinite Flight ATC, as we already have ATC in the base game. Also, why would you want it free, but then have to have a sub to use it? Infinite Flight is not EA games, they don’t make you purchase microtransactions to use the game/app. I think an option should be added in the base app, called “Spectate”, where you can view from the ATC tower position, without interfering with the operations of the airport.

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Thank you for your request. This has been discussed before and since the ATC is incorporated into the sim it would be double effort to create a second app just for ATC with virtually the same features.