An AStar taken apart!

The AStar has about a 4 hour endurance rate, all depending on weight.

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Hu, that’s interesting…

Is there a secondary back up one of are you just screwed if it goes?

Is fuel stored under that? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

Nope! If it breaks you’re pretty screwed lol


It’s stored under the main rotor behind the Squirrel Cheek as seen here, please ask questions!

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Oh, fun…


When you lose a tail rotor you’re pretty screwed edited cause my tired mind was thinking of a stuck peddle


Hmmm, interesting. I should definitely search more about Helicopters!

Wait a second, how would one fly a helicopter with out the “Big whirly thing” to quote @Balloonchaser?

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Oh, the tail roter, I suppose that is possible…

The big thingy (Main rotor) keeps you up, now if you lose it you’re not going to survive, if your engine fails you can survive.

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Wait, if you lose your engine don’t you lose that? Doesn’t the engine make that go around?

No rotor head and blades are connected differently, there was a tragic incident a few years back in Norway where a Super Puma lost it’s Main Rotor due to a small mechanical device (you can youtube the video)

Wait so the engine doesn’t make the roter go around? 🤔

You must really love your job ! There’s nothing better than doing what we love every single day. I barely started my comercial pilot program at college, but I know it will be worth it. Thanks for all the info and the pictures, very interesting !👌🏽


Or is that a totally separate issue I am a bit confused here…

The engine does give the rotor power, there’s a device called a sprag clutch which allows the rotor to continue spinning if the engine fails.

It’s a fun career I got extremely blessed and lucky! Good luck on your career!


Which is what gives that thing that makes it spin so it doesn’t fall down, right? (Forgot what it was called)

But wouldn’t it slow done to near useless speeds almost instantly?