An Asian Island Hop - Etihad VA Recruitment Event #2 @ WSSS - 041500ZSEP17 [Closed]

Server: TS1

Region: Singapore & Kula Lumper

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: *Welcome to Etihad Virtual’s second event. For this event we will do some Asian Island Hops. We will take off from Simgapore (WSSS) heading to the Imdonesian Island of Pulau Tioman where we will touch and go at Tioman Airport (WMBT) before heading to our final destination Kuala Lumpur (WMKK). Only an A321 Etihad Livery can be used.

Flight Information (For both legs of the journey):
Climb Rate: 3600 ftpm
Climb Speed: 240 knots
Cursing Altitude: 12000 ft
Cursing Speed: 340 knots *

The flight plan can be copied from either myself (Etihad 07) or @Milen_Jacob (Etihad 01). The flight plan is here:

Please follow all instructions from ATC.
Please keep a distance of 3-5 nm between aircrafts.
And most importantly have fun!

To check out our website read about Etihad VA:

About Etihad VA

Etihad VA is a fun and professional Virtual Airline where you will find fantastic staff making sure you enjoy the benefits of one of the best and most profesional VA. Here is a link to our website that you might want to check out our website:

If you haven’t crashed and you are interested in joining the VA please DM @Captain_Ankit


T1 Gate C01: @Kyriakos_Papasavas
T1 Gate C11: @Milen_Jacob
T1 Gate C13: @Insertusernamehere
T1 Gate C15: @AryaTheLivingMeme
T1 Gate C16: @AdamTanA350
T1 Gate C17: @Binesh_Ashokan
T1 Gate C18: @HollyLolly
T1 Gate C19: @kylen15
T1 Gate C20: @Han_Solo
T1 Gate C22: Gamertz
T1 Gate C23: Etrain
T1 Gate C24: bookers4eva
T1 Gate C25: Iflover2021
T1 Gate C26: Carrots4Luke1
T1 Gate D30:
T1 Gate D32:
T1 Gate D34:
T1 Gate D35:
T1 Gate D36:
No more gates are available


Ground: Joshua_Bayes_Green
Tower: Joshua_Bayes_Green

Tower: Joshua_Bayes_Green

Approach: Joshua_Bayes_Green
Tower: Joshua_Bayes_Green


That’s Kuala Lumpur not Kula Lumper in the Location thing at the start :)


😅😅 That’s gonna be a rough flight 😂. Sign me up

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Way of recruiting: *Gets you to land at WMBT in an A321 *, Says: if you haven’t crashed, sign up. lol

(Just found that funny, sadly its definitely not the right time for me (the event))


It’s 1am for you. A bit early…

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Welcome aboard @Insertusernamehere you have T1 Gate C13. @Qantas737guy I am sorry, that was a typo.


Can I get a gate please I wanna join

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I will be in etihad 071 airbus a321

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I’ll get a gate please!!

@AryaTheLivingMeme You will get T1 Gate C15. @AdamTanA350 you have T1 Gate C16

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Thank you so much! (Filler)

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Thanks for a gate man

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I thought this was a bit of light turbulence for you Mr. UpsideDownFlyingInEveryTT


Sign me in please…

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@Binesh_Ashokan you can take Gate C17. Welcome aboard!

Sign me up, please :)

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Welcome aboard @HollyLolly you have Gate C18!

Sign me up I’ll try my best to be there

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Welcome aboard @kylen15 you can have Gate C19

I’ll be there! Please give me the last gate :D

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