An around the World trip with the XCub!

Finally decided to actually do it; An around the World trip with the xCub!

I’m going to be departing from KOSH and returning somewhere in florida, probably the keys.

I will update my route everyday here, you’re free to fly along!

My route will roughly be; going NW to Canada, then Alaska to the Russian border followed by a long trip to nepal the all the way straight across to moscow, from there pass through the scandinavian islands and back to civilization - germany, The Netherlands, UK - from the UK pass to Iceland and greenland and then entering from canada following the coast to Florida.

It will be fun!


Nov 6th: KOSH - KPKD #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 16:35 | Arrival Time: GMT 19:42

Nov 6th: KPKD - KDTL #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 21:45 | Arrival Time: GMT 22:16

Nov 7th: KDTL - KFAR #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 18:07 | Arrival Time: GMT 18:24

Nov 8th: KFAR - 46D #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 18:00 | Arrival Time: GMT 19:19

Nov 9th: 46D - CYEN #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 13:00 | Arrival Time: GMT 15:03

Nov 9th: CYEN - CYYN #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 17:00 | Arrival Time: GMT 18:33

Nov 9th: CYYN - CYJA #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 19:25 | Arrival Time: GMT 22:30

Nov 10th: CYJA - CYYD #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 16:35 | Arrival Time: GMT 20:10

Nov 11th: CYYD - PAJN #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 00:47 | Arrival Time: GMT 03:35

Nov 11th: PAJN - PACV #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 13:20 | Arrival Time: GMT 16:47

Nov 14th: PACV - PANC #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 23:27 | Arrival Time: GMT 00:42 Nov 15

Nov 15th: PANC - PAOM #Status: (COMPLETED)
Departure Time: GMT 14:55 | Arrival Time: GMT 19:04


1st Leg! Departing from oshkosh! Starting the trip smooth and full with energy!

First Canadian Stop of the Trip!

Jesper National Park is HUGE and amazing to look at!

Ascending at CYJA!

Arriving Base at PAJN!


The Long Dark Leg

Insane winds in Nome! 30kts Gusting 44!


Nice, enjoy your journey!

Maybe call this topic the Xcub Around The World Thread?


Don’t Forget to visit down under! Maybe vNZ can come give you an escort on your adventures, Do share screen shots of your progress! Would be cool to keep a journal of sorts!

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Sounds good!

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Thank you!

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You should land at Lukla if passing by/near Nepal

Sounds fun! I’d recommend going east though… as you will get much better winds.

You can go up through Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and then try to make it to Shannon.


Passing through alaska go out of XX00 Ungalik Mine, I flew Ungalik to Russia (first airport in Russia I believe is UUSH)in about 4 hrs going 110kts. First airport in russia you’ll see is a huge gravel field (even the taxiways are gravel) let me know when it happens and I’ll fly with you. I’ve been wanting to fly around the world in an XCUB or C172 (once reworked)


An example routing, ya gotta trans oceanic in there someplace to c circumnavigate. Few refuel stop in Siberia, By air, the distance between the nearest airports of Russia and Alaska is 150 miles see graphic following comment.

@VPN… MaxSez: Not so fast… XCub has short legs, No PAC, minimum cargo. 800 miles no wind. Recheck your route. Please post Flight Plan… From your Text appears to be an abbreviate Round the world.


i would love to hop into a f-16 and just escort you

You’re going to use a fighter to escort a cub?

Good luck with that…


i’ve done a Cessna before… kinda difficult to stay the same speed and avoid stalling

@PeopleLion… MaxSez: F-16, Da… Interesting but not feasible. Same problem as a Cub, shirt legs, you’d need a Tanker along the way,

Distance between PAIW and UHMA is about 420 miles and thats just an example. There could be closer airports

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@NeperQiell. MaxSez: We stand corrected.

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Thats the plan haha


Thats gonna be the route, roughly.

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it would actually help a great deal if you flew east because then you would have the help of the winds. Might not be by much but it could help your trip be easier. thats the way i did it when i circumnaviated the globe in a tbm-930


True! But I guess its the added adventure haha


You’d be stalling out the whole way in an f16

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