An "Are You Sure You Want To Clear Your Flight Plan?" message

i cant find a topic that has this idea i have but i’ve easily accidentally cleared my flight plans at least 10 times and its becoming more common with the smaller buttons on my iPhone 6s Plus so i was hoping a message would pop up asking if I was sure i wanted to clear my flight plan. Im sure it is not a hard thing to implement but it would save the rush of putting in my flight plan again! :)


You have the button of “replace flight plan” before doing something, it should work as a warning, but I didn´t see it when I cleared several times my FPL.

yes! that happens when you have already directed to a fix but then press direct to another fix.

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I just hate spending 5mins on a FPL (a DJ type FPL that takes hours to fly ;) ) and just deleting it. Once it took me 20 minutes because I kept deleting it! :I

Nice idea, want it bad so my DJ FPL doesn’t take me 20mins to fill out :D


I ALWAYS and i mean always only fly real commercial routes with the same aircraft and it takes at least 20-30 min to prep for each flight and about 15 of those 20-30 min is creating my flight plan so mid flight Im in such a hurry to put it all back together! This is a much needed feature FDS!!

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I thought it showed all the times.
Anyways, excellent idea.

JUST DID IT AGAIN!! hhahaaha fds!

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Ooooh yes, how often has that happened to me already, how often.

If you’re on Windows it might be easier for you to create these long fpls using LiveFlight Connect instead of in the app.

This was added a while back.