An Apps Beta

This question is just in general and not specific to IF. I’m new to the whole concept of app developing and want to learn more. Take the example of IF, How long do Betas last and what do they pick out from an app/ what are they for essentially?
Any answers would be really appreciated.


Hi! Great question!

Considering Beta version moves along quite faster than alpha, I would speculate that the beta version will be here for about a month before pre-release testing starts.

This is just an assumption.

This article provides more information.

Hope this helps!


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Yeah, then after Beta there’s alpha which I understand to be a process of making sure everything is perfect for release?

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Yes. Beta is sort of advanced Alpha. The building blocks have already been layed out, and some new stuff will be added like bug fixes, etc.

You’ve got this backwards.


Ahhhhh gotcha! Alpha then Beta and Beta picks out the things before release

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First off, stop speculating. Just because something lasted for so long in the past doesnt mean it will last as long now.

Beta is a chance to get more eyes on the features for issues, bugs, performance issues. It all depends on what is found and how many more rounds are needed to accomplish what FDS wants to release.

It will take as long as it needs to take. Quality over quantity…


I understand that completely and I wasn’t trying to ‘speculate’ just interested in how an update works with all the different stages and what they are for. That’s all


I was stating that for the general public. Topics like this lead to “Oh we are 2 weeks away” blah blah and then it gets repeated.

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Yeah I know what you mean it probs will. Then you can close the topic, dont want it getting to that

I think he is asking for his own personal ambitions not the FDS release. I may be wrong.


No your not wrong I was just intrigued, if anyone has any detailed info about how Beta works just dm me.