An appologie to fellow community members

I would like to apologize for my dumb posts and several off topic posts that I have done in this community, I will work harder to make only relevant posts in the future, again my appologies.


Why are u saying sorry? Did you get a warning?

Because I post a lot of off topic stuff, or irrelevant stuff. And no I didn’t get a warning I just thought it was the right thing to do.

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Hey man, your apology is not mine to forgive, but that’s awesome you’re owning up to your mistakes. Wishing you a good stay in the forums.

Yeah I agree nice intentions

Thanks guys.

This is wholesome :)


I accept your apologies.


Edit: I do the same things haha

We all make mistakes

Hey, don’t worry! The only post I own that hasn’t been immediately closed by a moderator because I completely didn’t think before closing was my flyout event, and that’s kinda hard to get removed! That’s why I usually stick to comments because of my severe “brain to mouth disease” or in this case “brain to keyboard disease” :)

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Don’t even see it as a negative. We all have this happen to us at some point. This helps guide you in the right direction on the forum. It’s a learning experience. 😁


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