An Appeal to Pilots

Hey guys,
It has come to my attention recently that people aren’t using realistic procedures on the expert server. This is meant to be a server for serious users with realistic rules. Therefore, to make it a respectful, fun, and realistic place, especially with the busy servers at the minute, I ask you all to do the following :
• Check Flightradar24 for the active runway at the airport, and use that, unless IFATC is using another
• Use realistic aircraft and liverys, for example don’t spawn into KJFK with an Air New Zealand A320 as you just woudn’t see one there. Ever.
• Spawn with military aircraft into military airports only.
• Be respectful to other pilots and don’t cut them off etc.
• Use realistic callsigns, for example Speedbird whatever if you’re doing a BA flight.
• Don’t escort people if they don’t ask for it.
I think if people were to follow this advice the Expert Server would be a much better place.
Thank you all,


You can’t force people to follow these rules - they are just realism recommendations to make ES more realistic. But it would be nice to see more people following these points!


Yes exactly what @BennyBoy_Alpha , a few those rules are a bit too strict which will make it unfair and not a very good server to play on. However I do agree that you shouldn’t escort people if they don’t ask for it and you should respect other pilots. Most of them sound reasonable though and I agree with most of this @CaptainHugh


Let’s be completely honest though, it is after all, the expert server. Where you’re supposed to fly as realistically as possible. I don’t find any of these strict. If y’all can’t act professionally on ES then I don’t think you belong there. Expert server is expert server, only for serious individuals. I completely agree with all of your points @CaptainHugh, I wish to see the old ES as it used to be.


Yes I mean the Military aircraft rule is not good but the other ones are reasonable

Yeah, they’re advice rather than rules

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Checking flight radar for active runways doesn’t really matter. Most airfields stick with the same runway even if there is a more suitable one because of traffic and sequencing. In infinite flight if it’s quiet you can approach from the most suitable one to you

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Even though some people are realistic. Some people dont tend to take it that serious its not obligatory!


I know I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this but I concur. It’s called the expert server for a reason. Sure, these could be labelled as recommendations, but the entire point of the expert server is realism, and at times there are loopholes in the regulations that are exploited by many people time and time again, and this kind of tarnishes the original values of upholding realism on the expert server.

This is also true, there’s always training server if you want a bit more leeway with realism and freedom of choice.

It’s true, but just because you can spawn in an A10 at a Class F gate at Heathrow doesn’t mean you should either.


Some of the points you’ve mentioned are the least of the problems I see on the ES. The requests you are making of pilots totally take fun out of “Infinite Flight”. Want to fly Ryanair out of LAX? Why not? Want to use the Speedbird callsign with a Southwest livery? By all means. So long as everyone is courteous and abides by the rules, we’re all happy.


To be fair I just saw a Ryanair depart Heathrow with a Phillipines Airlines callsign so lmao!

The entire point of the expert server is not realism as a whole, rather “a server where realistic rules are strictly enforced”. I’ll say it again, there are bigger issues on the expert server than mismatching liveries and callsigns.


Respect other pilots, follow ATC procedures properly. That’s it, you’re an exper Server pilot.

The other stuff as significant as it is to some of us, is cosmetic really.

I’m also referring to a multitude of things such as aircraft disobeying ATIS and getting away with it, traversing a 90 degree turn at 35kts, or an aircraft taxiing through another then stopping (seen this too many times on ES). I’m referring to realism as a whole.

Well, pretty sure “not taxiing through another aircraft” or “obeying ATIS information” would constitute realistic rules, and you should know, after all you’re part of IFATC…so if that isn’t enforced then I don’t really understand how you’d define realistic rules.

There is a difference between people simulating something that perhaps they wish either would happen, or as a recreation of the past, like flying a 747-200, or the KLM A350 for example.
That’s one thing, but what really isn’t needed on the ES are people with the callsign speedbird 1 super flying an Alaska MTL 739 out of Amsterdam.

Oh, I 100% agree. Those in fact were the larger issues I was referring to. The part that I believe is being focused on too much here are the cosmetic details.

Who cares?

Everyone who wants a realistic experience


Someone waiting for a widebody gate because the only gates available don’t fit widebodies…rare occurrence anyways, but not to say that won’t happen either.


Call sign is a nice little detail in my view, nothing more. I do not read them or pay attention. The only education I believe in is setting an example oneself. And I prefer the wrong livery flying well than the opposite.

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At the end of the day, the only thing that will be enforced on the expert server are the rules itself. Make as many requests to the pilots as you want, you’re bound to see mismatching liveries, callsigns, etc. While it might be nice for some to see other pilots using “realism” for others, this takes the fun out of “Infinite Flight” and is part of what makes the simulator as great as it is today.

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