An app which will help with global!

[note- I did not know what to name this topic.]

So with global coming out I was worried about doing long haul. This was because I couldn’t use this device on say YouTube at the same time. So I searched around and found a app called ‘Floating Apps’.

This app will allow you to have many applications open at one time.

You can customise the size and which app you want to use.

I hope this will help. (It works brilliantly on my device!)

Try testing it with a live flight and see what your connection does.

Looking at this it’s only available on android then, never seen any such app for IOS.

Seems good! But sadly it is only on Android. On IOS11 we have a similar thing. But it is not a app.

This is not recommended as it interrupts connection and causes ATC to not work with “unknown” targets.