An App for this great Infinite Flight Community

Hello There!!! I am very happy with this community. Well it would be great if we have a separate app for this community. It’s quite annoying to open the web and login again and again. It would be great if an app is made for this community :)


An older app exited for Android, but doesn’t work with latest Discourse versions.

As a work around, create a ‘home screen’ shortcut for this Forum.
Install Chrome browser (although other browsers have same facility) browse to this forums front page, press options, pick ‘add to home screen’.
Also allow the browser to remember your forum password to get around login each time.

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Ok, thank you :)

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Available in iOS too.

I am pretty sure if you just pin it to your home screen on your device, it essentially does the same thing.

Nah not really you still have to log in