An Apology

Hey all. So at the beginning of last month I made a huge mistake that I regret. I was banned for a month, but to be truthful I deserved more. For everybody that saw what I did, I’d like to say that I’m sorry. @Carson, I’d like to say specially to you that I’m sorry for cursing you out over a DM. To the rest of you, learn from your own and other people’s mistakes. The mods aren’t messing around when they say they’re gonna block you for inappropriate content. Once again, for everybody that saw that, I’m really sorry. Thanks for taking the time to read this extremely long paragraph, and from Canada, have a good evening.

  • Mac

No point of this post, No need to Apology Publicly

I think that this would fit in the Lounge, but…

Anyways, I know that this will get closed, and I don’t know what you did, but I think we all accept your apology. :)

Apology forgiven 😅

We appreciate the apology, but this doesn’t fit the general category guidelines. :)