An apology

I have just got my account back from my temporary ban, would just like apologise for everything that happened before. I was going through a difficult time in my life. I hope everyone is doing well.
Rvd Con.


I accept your apology, I have no idea what you did but glad to have you back!😃

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Might wanna change your bio


Thanks for the apology, whilst I may not know the reason behind your suspension, I accept it. But with all good apologies they must last. It takes a strong person to step up and say I’m sorry thanks again. I’m sure you’re all straight with mods again.


That doesn’t need to be brought up. What’s done is done.


Better lol

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Glad that you are back!

I accept your apology. I’m glad you stepped up and realized what you did wrong (I don’t know what you did wrong). Let’s move on and pretend this never happened! However, the apology must last. Glad that you are back!


I accept your apology, and I’m glad you’re back. It takes confidence to step in front of everyone and say “I’m sorry.” I’m glad to see you again.


That bit always sounds so nice when looking at it from above, with no context or understanding of its deeper meaning. Pretending it never happened, and moving on from there… many do so, and is one way of simply not acknowledging ones mistakes, as I see it.

Connor, Welcome Back, I see you apologized for you past actions, which didn’t turn out so well, and now whatever they may have been, from your apology it is clear you have accepted and understood that once done a mistake and never will repeat again, therefore don’t pretend it didn’t happen, and remember it for all of your life, and let it (the mistake, wrong doing) be a stepping stone, a guiding light to make you a better person.

Be Strong, Be Confident, You made the right move to say you’re Sorry, now let your actions speak for what you’ve learned from the past’s happenings.


I’m glad you’re back!

Surprised people remember me lol

To be completely honest, I have no idea who you are or what you did.

Welcome back! 😂

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One month off on that buddy! June vs. July

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I had just joined BAVA and then you got banned, used to be DriftingPlane but had my name changed

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Yeah man got fired lol, hope you’re doing well

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Thanks for catching that lol

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We all here at the community accept your apology, thus we do not know about your mistake. But here we truly believe that you have learnt from it. You have a great day!

@Connor4477… MaxSez: Ok, you paid your Debt. You’ve received your share of commentary from the sentimental & sensitive few… The Deed is done. Move on, Fly Right!


To me you haven’t done anything but it’s great you are accepting it. Apologies accepted

Credit or debit lol

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