An Apology

Hi Gang,

Time for me to eat some serious humble pie. As lots of you know there has been discussion on the forums about calling people out by name when they’ve done something wrong. That’s on me - I’m the reason that discussion even started and it was wrong. Thanks to @Swang007 for being so gracious and to @AviationJunkie for taking it on the chin when I was stubborn about it. I didn’t enjoy being called out on my mistake, and neither would those that I called out. Nobody prompted this post; it’s just my own guilty conscience eating away at me.

I’m not one for drama so I apologize that I even have to make this post. I very much want to be a respected part of this community and I’ve lost some of that respect. I always try to strive for excellence and I’ve missed the mark in this case.

So all around and to everyone, I’m sorry. Thanks for reading, and here’s to clear skies ahead.

j-bird101 / Air Canada 18 56

p.s., if the ATC recruitment team is listening, I’d sure love a crack at doing some advanced server controlling when it’s convenient for you guys. Cheers


I have respect for you, especially for even making this post. We’re all stubborn sometimes but we have to admit our mistakes,apologize,learn from them,amd move on. That’s what you did and I admire you for that.
Charlie😉Happy Flying✈️


Just kidding of course ;)

On a serious note, don’t stress about it. We all make mistakes and it’s all good as long as we make up for them. I’m glad you made this post as it shows you’re true character.

Thanks for being an active, helping member in our community!


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Although I have yet to have a problem with you, I must aay that you have handled yourself and the situation very well.

Both in real life and on the internet, people always have trouble admitting that they made a mistake, let alone apologizing for it, and you have shown yourself as a very mature and smart man or woman.

I have seen zillions of flame wars on all kinds of forums (And one on this forum) and no one has handled the situation as well as you have in a long time from what Imve seen.

Kudos and…

Best, Boeing707