An Apology To The IFC

A good joke never is a bad idea, especially in times like these. But a joke is only good as long as everyone understands it. As soon as someone begins to feel uncomfortable or the joke starts to break the rules of a platform, the fun is over. I appreciate the self-reflection you drew out of this. There’s a lesson to be learned from all things, hopefully from this one too.

In the end, you have to remember that we have more than 40,000 users here at IFC. We are the size of a small town, so it takes some guidelines to keep things in order. That’s what us Moderators and Staff Members are here for. Basically all of us have been “normal” Community Members before. We always try to see things from multiple perspectives, both from the users view and from a moderating standpoint. As said, we’re not against a good joke but we also have to act when it goes too far at some point.

Thank you everyone, take care and stay safe!