An Apology To The IFC


I’ve come here to apologize for what I’ve done.
I’m sure lots of you remember the “Rickroll Army.” If you don’t, PM me. Anyway, I was the creator of the Rickroll Army. That’s right, it was me.

I’m sure we made lots of y’all mad, or at least annoyed with us. So on behalf of the Rickroll Army, we’re sorry. I never intended for anything bad to happen when I created it, and it went well for a few days, just having some fun. But eventually, all great more of less “great” things have to fall. It seemed like a fun, innocent idea to give people a laugh, but it got out of hand, and a type of war broke out between the Rickroll Army and the Anti-Rickrollers. Spamming PM’s, rude language, all the stuff (I won’t get into specifics, plus, I was asleep when most of this happened). It really was a disaster.

I’m sorry to all of you, for creating the Rickroll Army. I’m also sorry to everyone that joined me in the Rickroll Army, I never intended for it to be what it became. Let’s use this as a learning experience, and not to let a disaster like the Rickroll Army happen again.



Rick roll army was the best 🥺. I’ll not change my pfp for a while. 🥺👉👈


I agree, it started off as an amazing little thing. But sadly, it fell. 😕


Totally understandable, its a shame when things so small as this cause outrage even though never meant. This is a community and we should all support each-other as a community!
See you in the skies!
Cign :)

My pet unicorn accepts it as well!


Thanks for your understanding, means a lot. And I totally agree with you too.

The greatest thing a human can possibly do is swallow their pride and own up to their own failures.

No hard feelings, mate. It was an innocent joke intended to have fun on the forum. Albeit, the two feature requests were a bit overboard but it was all in good nature. I didn’t participate as I knew it would eventually get out of control, but we’re past that. Cheers!


I feel you, I left for a couple hours and came back to a lot of unfortunate events. I also sent an apology to a few members of the community.

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Oh well.

I don’t really care if it would’ve stayed or went. I will disregard your apology, as it did not bother me at all ;)

It’s always nice to have a chuckle, especially during times like these. However, jokes get old. And when they get old, they aren’t funny anymore. And once they aren’t funny anymore, well, they get annoying.

I could understand why other people would get annoyed (however that is no excuse for rude PMs).

Just my two cents.


Thank you for understanding, means a lot, all three of you.

@Vinne, I agree. Everything gets old and annoying eventually (except the IFC). 😂

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I never even knew what this was, what’s so funny about a guy singing. Btw I would never send a rude PM.

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Everything does, including the IFC.

I’m sure the oldies on the IFC can agree that the maturity of the IFC has recently downgraded by a lot 😂

Oh well, things happen. And what do we do? Look at the positive side 😁


Lol, jokes will be jokes, I guess. 😂

I just want to know about how it’s funny (not saying this in a rude way)

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I guess that you could call it funny as this had a particular cringe to it, especially him with his babyface and trying to sing in a deep voice at the same time…

He’s a failed Frank Sinatra.


Even I noticed this. 😂

But yes, we have to look at the positive side of things, or we’ll get nowhere.

@StormyAviation, rickrolling is a trend (all over the internet) because of Rick Astley’s song “Never gonna give you up.” I have no idea why it’s funny, but it is. 😂

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Okay, that is pretty funny, (sorry for going off topic)


It’s fine. 😉

Well, you’re not THAT old on the IFC yet. The times just before 2019 were the golden times of the IFC 🥰

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Oh, trust me, you have no idea! No idea just how true that is! There are far too many ‘Wanna-be Mods’ and know-it-alls here now, it’s no longer a fun place to be. Back in the olden days you could actually say stuff without getting mowed down and criticised like you do nowadays.
Such a shame.

It applies to the Infinite Flight skies too - the quality of pilots has slowly dropped over the last couple of years, particularly since the release of global and the reduction in grade requirements that came with it! Strange how all these things are linked, huh?