An Apology to Controllers

I would like to appologize for the actions of my fellow pilots. What I see here is absolutely disgraceful, it’s rude, and it shows they don’t actually care about how they are treating you. Pilots on the expert server are going insane with this update. Now don’t make me fool you into thinking lol that I am not so pumped up about this update, but the actions pilots now are doing in order to test fly the new aircraft are unnacceptable, including but not limited to (and all on the expert server:
Taxiing through other aircraft
Taxing onto runways without permission
Taking off without permission
Runway incursions with aircraft on short final
Spamming the frequency
Cutting in line
Pushing back in to other aircraft just cause
And the list goes on and on and on. Now this isn’t only with Grade 3 it is also grade 4 and yes I. Saw several Grade 5’s taxing through other aircraft. What did they all have in common? The 787 aircraft…

Just yesterday. I pushed back from KAGE and had not one or two or even three but four aircraft taxi through me (I was in a A321) and two of those four were Grade 4! All were 787 aircraft.
This is humiliating to me as a pilot because it ruins my reputation in the whole. When people see a pilot now they will be tense and expecting trouble even on the expert server. I believe it’s time to talk about more then ghosting in sever situations like this where pilots are clearly and bluntly violating obvious rules just because they want to test fly.
But leave the expert server alone.
Not to long ago I messaged many IFATC and told them how much I appreciated their work and how they could expect no trouble from me. Well controllers and developers and moderators I still stand by that. Though this whole forum of pilots may have lost their marbles when you see “InfiniteFlight” expect professionalism and a complete understanding of ATC rules.
One final thing, I am extremely sorry that all of you controllers had to deal with this. Please accept an apology from me in the name of all pilots!
@BavariaAVIATION @Maxmustang


Expert server, Advanced is now history


“expert server” my a**


Advanced is a better name though


Exactly. At the current moment it is almost more free flight then expert and more casual too :/

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Okay look can we stay on topic here. I didn’t write this post just so we could discuss the name

Yep. This is absolutely REDICULOUS. And it gets so much worse when we are on Unicom.


Exactly! Once there are no controllers things just go to craziness. I watched three aircraft all landing at KNUC after a controller got off

In KSAN, there were like 5 people trying to land at once.

(Shakes head in disgust) Controllers I do not know how you do it

I am taking my written test soon!

Explains alot now

Sigh* taxing though aircraft still

MaxSez: @Infinite.flight… Thank you for the link but I believe sorrow and appologies are a sign of weakness. Accordingly, please don’t speak for me (All Pilots) in future. Boy become men thru adversity, trial and error and must keep there own council. The fledling pilot will strive and learn if you provide him with the proper tools and guidance and not beat him like a dog who can’t do the trick expected by his “Masters”. With age and experience comes wisdom. “Lead, follow or get out of the way”!


I can see that you may think that I however do not. It takes a real man to admit when he’s messed up! And I for one am going to admit we as a general pilot community messed up even if you guys aren’t. We can both hold to our beliefs and not come in contact anymore regarding this topic. Please keep this thread positive and not with comments like that. Reserve that for private PMing if you have to. Thank you


I was just at EHAM, and there were at lest 2 aircraft taxiing through the grass on the Expert Server. I am sorry @CptNathanHope that you had to deal with that.

Wow, it amazes me that pilots do this, I had Grade 4 pilots doing this :/

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Not at all, the entire pilot community will not be defined by the bad eggs and the trolls. As long as you’re doing your job, you’ll be fine. Don’t think you’re responsible for the actions of others for even a second.


I understand. But I feel like the “bad eggs and trolls” are not going to appologize. So I was going to do it for them

Were these things happening on Expert Server?