An Apology to All Pilots in Seattle Right Now

Hey guys it’s 508 back with a slightly modified thread.
I’d like to make a formal apology for every one of you fifty pilots trying it get in to Seattle just now. I got a bit overwhelmed. Even us IFATC (or at least me I dont speak for my fellow controllers) can get overwhelmed.

As you can see I had a bucket load of aircraft all on tower. I had fifteen plus talking to me and ten on ground all at the same time. It got to the point where I couldn’t remember who was waiting to takeoff, who was landing on what runway. I closed so that I wouldn’t provide any false information. I didn’t want to issue a command for someone thr I’d in line to takeoff and someone twenty nm to land ahead of everyone. I just couldn’t keep my planes straight. I was afraid if I stayed any longer I would have given you false information.

  1. To those I turned away with an airport is full…I sincerely apologize. There was just no way I could handle everyone. I sent that message to a good portion of you because I just had to many aircraft.
  2. to those who had delayed pattern turns or three sixties…again I apologize. There was just no way I could focus on everyone. My goal was to create a Conga line and easily land each one on 16C and depart on 16L. Simple enough. But it failed because of issues involving certain stubborn pilots.

So overall I really feel bad about my controlling. If you have a complaint just private message me. (Your complaints will most likely be justified). Thank you to everyone who obeyed my instructions even if it seemed bizarre.


So I closed to prevent issues. I hope you understand 😞


If you have questions also ask them. I know I didn’t really cover anything in my thread other than my apology so if you have specific questions about why I issued a specific command shoot away.

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You’re only human bud, there’s only so much any one person can do!


I just feel awful. I tried getting an approach controller but none were available.

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I wasn’t there but I can see from the pictures you were doing a great job, especially without approach.

Don’t feel bad.

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I assume people weren’t bothering to wait till they were first in line before asking clearance to take off, hence the additional clogging of the airwaves?

Looks like you did as well as could be expected. And Expert being busy is definitely a nice problem to have!

It is a nice problem one the one hand but on all ten of my other hands 😂 it gets stressful fast.
I had people five aircraft back requesting takeoff…like “dude I know you are impatient to get off the ground but ahem I’m not clearing you to takeoff from the taxiway.”

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@SkyHighGuys I share a lot of sympathy with you; times when you really need approach, but it just isn’t happening. If you did your best, then what more can you do ? ;)


I’ll say I tired. But this shouldn’t be about me. I failed the pilots out there! I’m sorry if you are reading this and you were flying out there.

No you didn’t. Even if you have to keep pilots on the ground for 20 mins (@CptNathanHope ;), Deny entyr etc, so long as you did your best you did not fail.


Hey man its okay. dont stress yourself out its just a game ;) no lives were actually in danger[quote=“SkyHighGuys, post:10, topic:75981”]
I failed the pilots out there


You did your best buddy, we all have our moments

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If you’re IFATC, can’t you ghost? If pilots weren’t listening to your instructions, don’t they get ghosted? Or am I just not properly knowledged on how people can get ghosted?

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Us IFATC peeps are fully empowered to ghost, but only when they disobey instructions repteadly. Very rarely is there a justifiable time to ghost without warning. Most pilots receive 1-2 at a minimum before a ghost.
Turning base to close and without permission can result in a simple extend downwind or I’ll call your base command. If they turn base without permission it’s a please follow instructions. If they continue inbound it’s a check help pages and a ghost for seven days.

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Lol and some of us (me) go out with a bam

Just making sure peeps didn’t get mad at me 😅

All humans make mistakes mate, don’t feel bad about it, you’re human, not a supercomputer

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I know but I’m IFATC, should be able to handle stress.
Thanks to everyone who commented! I’m closing this thread now. Just know that I do apologize for everything that happened.

You never failed anyone. It is always going to be a hard job to handle Seattle Tower without an approach controller. I can’t imagine the horror you must have saw when there was probably over 30 inbounds. But defy all odds, you managed to get all of them off the ground, and on the ground safely! Even if it did take 20 minutes. 20 Minutes is better than never at all!


Very true thank you for your kind words my fellow pilot