An Antarctic Adventure; Christchurch to McMurdo

A few days ago, my friend @anon36731834 and I adventured From Christchurch, New Zealand down to McMurdo station, Antarctica. I’ve heard stories of how often the New Zealand Air Force flies this route, especially during this time of year. I decided to try the expedition for myself in infinite flight using the C-17. Enjoy some of the photos I’ve captured during the flight!

Flight Details

Server: Training
Aircraft: C-17
Flight Time: 5 hours
Route: NZCH - NZIR

Parked at the Antarctic aprons witnessing the New Zealand sunrise

Taxiing with the main terminal in the background

Taking off of runway 20

Refueling over the Southern Ocean

Me and @anon36731834 mildly bored but still flying along…

Finally landing in McMurdo!

Parked and unloading all our cargo.

Although the flight was almost entirely over the ocean, it was still a fun and enjoyable flight. Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day!


Who dares summon me

Edit ah i see

That C-17 in the last pic on the right is my favorite. Completely unbiased


I decided not to tell the full story about the tanker lol


Leaving out the force-feeding of fuel may be for the best lol