An American Airlines return to the 305 from Curaçao

It is time to head back to Miami as the trip comes to an end. Amazing time at Curaçao.

American Airlines Flight 2739 - 🇨🇼 Curaçao to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Hato International Airport (TNCC)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 3hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Alrighty, we just got here to our gate on time. So here is our ride down to Miami aboard on American Airlines this time as we fly direct

Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff as we hop on RWY 11 for our Curaçao Departure to Miami 🇺🇸

Enjoyed that fun takeoff, or very scared that you think we’re gonna crash when the aircraft lift off? Well, if the takeoff is fun, glad you enjoyed it. If you are scared, overcome your fear, these pilots are not gonna crash this aircraft. We’re not gonna fall out of the sky, cuz we are off to Miami. Off we Go

As you can see from the cockpit that we are climbing above 10,000 FT

And now, we are finally cruising FL360 as we soar past Jamaica 🇯🇲. Let’s listen to some music or watch a movie on the IFE. Let’s crave on Biscoff Cookies and Dr. Pepper throughout this 3 hour flight down to Miami. Or go to sleep Zzzz. Don’t Oversleep though LOL!

Alrighty, as it starts getting dark, we are now descending as we come upon the views of Miami Beach plus Biscayne Bay. Oh Man, we are about to land shortly in Miami

Alright, we are on short final RWY 9 Miami International Airport in the dusk setting. This is what you call, evening approach to Miami Airport.

How about you catch that Etihad Formula 1 Airbus A340-600 holding short RWY 9 as I am fifty feet from touchdown in height. There was gusty winds btw.

We have now landed safely through this gusty wind in Miami International Airport. Now crossing RWY 12 with a FedEx Boeing 77F at the Cargo area to taxi to Concourse E for arrival. Welcome to Miami International Airport

And we have arrived safely in Miami at Gate E24 Central Terminal. Let’s start deplanning and proceed onto the passport immigration and then baggage claim. After that, let’s exit the airport and spend one night at my Grandma’s house lol. The next day, we are heading home.

Thanks for flying with me back to Miami from Curaçao as we had fun at the Caribbean on Tuesday.


Great shots! Flew on American 2739 irl, tough it was the Miami to Curacao leg

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Awesome! Great photos and great editing!

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28 days later…

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