An Amazing Group Flight | Malabo to Douala | IF CRJ-200

Today, I attended a group flight! We landed in volcanoes, flew over volcanoes, and flew around volcanoes. The sweet views of the area made a great group flight! Here’s screenshots!


Time: 1h 25m
Server: Casual
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Route: FGSL (Malabo) - FKKD (Douala)

Sitting at the gate while planes collide with each other.

Departing Malabo.

Doing a touch and go in a Volcano

Flying low near a Volcano

Flying around a volcano

On final at Douala

Is it just me or do these look like views from Hawaii?


Looks like that 757 in the last picture had a bad day😂

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That was @dca.iad.aviation

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Yes, that was me

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there are so many things wrong in these pictures lol, nice shots :)

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My country!