An Amazing Capture!

Just found this on IG! 😱😱😱


Seems photoshopped

This was taken by one of the best plane spotters I know. @istanbulspotter

ANZ doesn’t fly to IST in the first place so this is a photoshop (And not a very good one)

Unless he/she was somewhere else

Unless u r joking, look at the window reflections. An Airport Terminal

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Yeah, it’s just a fake lightning bolt. (Edit: maybe not fake)

Idk about this one. The reflection could be anything

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Could be just another part of the photoshop to trick people.

I just checked. They said it was at Brisbane Airport

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And Air New Zealand isn’t flying the 747-400 anymore. Is there a date for the photo?

You can take a burst shot, right? And u might catch it, right? Or make a slow motion vid and take a screenshot of the moment, right? Just saying🙂✈️

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It’s a photoshopped photo from a while ago. Why would they fly 747’s to Brisbane?

Maybe it diverted from another airport.

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But the lightning bolt has lit up the raindrops on the window… Seems more realistic the longer you look at it.

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Hmm, seems quite a coincidence to me.

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Yeah you don’t say

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Found something else @JFKPlaneSpotter101. The tail would be more of an attraction than the elevator for the lightning.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the aircraft isn’t attracted. Like when one time a guy got shocked by lightning even though there were 50+ foot trees around him (I believe I saw this on the Science Channel)

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Air NZ said that it hit something behind the plane.;media=comment;vote_type=up;tk=
It was flying from Brisbane to Fiji.