An ALVA Event!

Today I flew in the 19DEC20 / 1800Z Allegiant Virtual’s First Event @ KSFB! or with @Allegiant_Virtual
The flight time was 2:13 on the expert server. I got credit for 4:26 due to the 2x milutplier! I flew from KSFB-KTUL

At the gate

Taxing to runway 36 with @heavy929 ahead of me

Going up! With @anon74260613 in the background

Climbing over florida

Crusing with little Rock on our right side

Desending over Tulsa while flying the sunny skies

Lining up for the approach runway 36R at Tulsa

On final

Moments from landing

Smashed it down after Iowa state threw an Interception. :(

And that’s all I have! And I’m glad to be apart of ALVA! I was flying with ALVA016 callsign. It was also a very smooth flight, except for the landing

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I have great hopes for Allegiant virtual in the future!

Remember to “Fly The Sunny Skies!”


Also I found out what was going wrong with my picture quality. I had the resolution at 1x quality and not 4x 🤦‍♂️. The next topic will be at 4x